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Advertisement Guidelines

For these Sale & Wanted pages I will only accept adverts which meet the guidelines set out below - please be sure any advert you submit complies.

Please also keep in mind that this website is maintained on an entirely voluntary basis. Some of the conditions about notice and correspondence are essential to keep the task to reasonable proportions. Adverts will always be added as quickly as possible, but please be patient if this sometimes takes a few days, especially if I happen to be away on business, vacation or on the boat :-)

Guidelines & Conditions

  • Except for "Matildas Wanted", adverts will be accepted only from Matilda owners who have their boat listed in our owners listings.

  • No adverts will be accepted from or on behalf of boat dealers or brokers, marine hardware dealers, or other businesses.

  • Matilda boats and used marine related hardware and accessories only i.e. no other classes of boat will be carried, and no boating holidays, charters, sailing lessons, services, moorage or non-marine advertising.

  • Adverts must be submitted using a fully completed submission form from the site. Maximum text 100 words including whatever contact details are to appear. 

  • Each advert will be vetted for suitability and compliance with these rules before being added.

  • Accepted adverts will appear as soon as possible after receipt. No acknowledgement will be sent.

  • Unsuitable or non-compliant adverts will be rejected without notice. The webmasters decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • Advert details (eg price) will not normally be updated during the currency of the advert. Where an essential correction to a significant error is required, please  

  • Adverts will be valid for 3 months (90 days) and automatically deleted after that time without notice - renewal, if required, only by re-submission of a completed form.

  • When advertising a boat, if a sale is obtained please pass on details of the new owners, and let them know about this website.

  • When boats or goods are sold please do not simply allow the 3 months to run -

Last updated  26 February, 2007 - Matilda Owners Association.