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Genoa Sheets & Windward Performance

In a discussion on the forum about how to improve M20 windward performance, Chris Mitchell pointed out that a 20 foot boat with a flat bottom, broad entry, wide beam and a lifting keel is never going to point that high, particularly if going into any sort of sea.

M20 genoa sheet block.JPG (25955 bytes) M20 genoa sheet block on transom.JPG (30222 bytes)

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However, he has modified the rig on his M20, Layla, so that the sheets on a big furling genoa run to large blocks mounted on the transom outer corners before returning to the winches, as pictured above. This provides a finer sheeting angle inside the rails. He advises that he probably points another 5 or 10 degrees higher as a result but even so still tacks through about 110 degrees, or worse into a sea.

Chris also suggests that if he knows he is going to be tacking to windward for a while, he brings the unused windward sheet inside the masthead shroud which again narrows the sheeting angle further. After tacking it is then possible to do the same with the opposite sheet .

Last updated  26 February, 2007 - Matilda Owners Association.