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Matilda Trailer Details

Many questions about trailers have been raised on the Matilda Forum. Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, I have gathered together all the trailer pictures which people have sent me, and hope these may help anyone who needs guidance about trailers. Click on any picture for the full-size image.

I would welcome additional pictures of other trailers, and particularly the original tandem axle factory option Matilda 20 trailer.


Brooks Northern uses a single axle Dilly HDV-14 trailer (pictured below) for his Matilda 20, and advises:

In June, 1975, a boat dealer in Oklahoma modified my trailer to fit the Matilda with a neat and simple arrangement.   Two side "bunks" are supported by steel uprights at front & rear and by two center braces. The "bunks" are pressure treated 2x4's covered in indoor-outdoor carpeting. 

The bunks are just over 9 feet long and are 50 inches apart, canted inward a few degrees to match the hull shape. They are about 12 inches above the trailer frame at the front and rear and about 8 inches in the center and are placed below the boat's V-berth and quarter berth structures which supports the boat and does not deform the hull.

The dealer recommended a two wheel trailer in place of a tandem arrangement. Tandem wheels are usually smaller than single wheels and therefore turn faster, the tires run hotter and are more likely to blow out.  Also, if one tire does blow out, it's mate will probably also blow out before you notice and get the rig stopped.  So, if you use tandem wheels, carry two spare wheels, not one.

The boat rides quite low on the trailer and the keel bulb rests on the trailer frame, almost level with the trailer axle.  The low center of gravity provides very stable handling on the road, which is especially noticeable on curves, etc.

DSC01061.jpg (50154 bytes)

Matilda 20 on Dilly HD-14 trailer

DSC01068.jpg (33389 bytes)

The single wheels are 13".  Now have radial ply tires, which may run a bit cooler and provide a softer ride for the boat.

DSC01063.jpg (32791 bytes)

The trailer has two rollers.  To launch, I back the trailer in until the roller just ahead of the keel is about an inch below the water.

DSC01066.jpg (33000 bytes)

The rear braces of the Dilly HDV-14 trailer.  The front and rear braces are made of  "C" channel stock, probably more substantial than they need to be.

Sylvain Villeneuve's Matilda 23 "Tao" on her tandem axle trailer.


Paul Esterle has provided this diagram and picture of the "bunks" on his trailer

SCA-Trailer03.jpg (19375 bytes) SCA-Trailer09.jpg (21240 bytes)

Click on any picture for the full-size image.

Last updated  26 February, 2007 - Matilda Owners Association.