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Matilda 20 Table

In response to a Matilda Forum question, Brooks Northern has provided the following dimensions and pictures of the original Ouyang table on his Matilda 20:
My Matilda's table measures 45" long by 18" wide.  It's made of 3/4" ply with a "mahogany-type" woodgrain face (which could be some sort of applied veneer).  The end which fits into the aft-bulkhead slot is square, of course and the forward end has rounded corners with about a 2" radius.

There is a slot on the forward edge which drops down over the keel housing, which is key to keeping things in place.  The slot measures 2 1/4 wide by 3  15/16 deep on the top surface and 4  1/4 on the bottom surface.  The resulting slope pretty much follows the angle of the keel housing.

 The portside edge of the slot is 9 3/4" from the portside edge of the table.  The starboard edge of the slot is 6" from the starboard edge of the table.
DSC02540.JPG (38599 bytes)   DSC02541.JPG (46254 bytes)   DSC02542.JPG (59441 bytes)
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