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A New Meaning to "Trailer Sailing"!

This boat was included in the purchase of the cabin by my family about 10 years ago, it had been out of the water for 10 years or so at that time. I am the only one in the family interested in sailing so the boat has come to me. The cabin and the boat belonged to a long time friend of the family who has since passed on so there is some emotional attachment as well as practical reasons to get it sailing again. 

After selling my Grampian last year the time had come to go and get the Matilda. The problem has always been getting the trailer to the mainland. It was brought over originally on some kind of a float that is long gone. I realized after much thinking about floatation that the floatation was already sitting on the trailer i.e. the boat itself could act as a float to support the trailer -  a new definition of "Trailer Sailing"! 

b-20 year spot from above.JPG (103176 bytes)
20-year storage place

d-a bit of a wiggle.jpg (69536 bytes)
 A bit of a wiggle

f-Onto the beach.JPG (76529 bytes)
Onto the beach

n-almost floating with trailer.jpg (32134 bytes)
Almost afloat, trailer attached

o-more trailer sailing.jpg (35810 bytes)
More "trailer sailing"

q-home after 3 scrubbings.JPG (46503 bytes)
Home, after 3 scrubbings

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The biggest problem was the muddy bottom but with some plywood and help from a friend that just happened along with his sailboat it went quite smoothly. The boat spent about a month sitting on blocks on the mainland at McBean until I could get back with wheels, bearings and fenders and bring it home. The rigging all looks in good shape, the mast spent all that time on the rafters in the cabin. It was put in and out through a hole in the eaves. The centreboard trunk is damaged from hitting a rock and there is damage to the hull on the port side so that will be fixed and the hull painted. 

I hope to be sailing 2007.

Bill Ripley

Last updated  26 February, 2007 - Matilda Owners Association.