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Matilda 20 Bilge Pump

Brooks Northern has provided these pictures of the really neat bilge pump installation on his M20.

As he says, together with the knockdown pin he has installed (which prevents the keel sliding back into the boat if it gets knocked down), a bilge pump is another valuable safety item he hopes never to use except for occasional testing.

Click on any of the pictures for a full-size image.

DSC02609.JPG (51813 bytes)

It starts with a strainer (there are several types available), which includes a flap valve to keep water from draining back into the bilge.  I placed the strainer on the floor of the galley cabinet, very close to the keel housing. 

DSC02637.JPG (50613 bytes)

The  inch-and-a-half hose goes under the cabinet door frame to a 90 degree elbow then runs along the inside edge of the port quarter berth to the port cockpit locker where the Whale Urchin thru-deck pump is mounted.

DSC02629.JPG (34847 bytes)

From there the outlet goes to a transom mounted thru-hull.

DSC02628.JPG (32163 bytes) Even though it's well above the water line, the transom thru-hull also has a flap valve.
DSC02634.JPG (27056 bytes) The cover for the Whale Urchin is fairly flush to the cockpit side. 
DSC02633.JPG (37110 bytes) The handle is handy to either the helmsman or to another crew member.

Last updated  26 February, 2007 - Matilda Owners Association.